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We would like to invite talented musicians who are very positive and high potential. We also would like to give good opportunities to brilliant young generation to make their dreams come true. We listen to all submissions ASAP.

1st set of the night: an hour prior to your showtime for rehearsal.
2nd set or after: 15 min before the your show.

5-6:45pm, 7-8:45pm, 9-10:45pm, 11pm-12:45am
2 sets 5 -10 minutes break

Performing members of bands receive Foods & Drinks : 33 % OFF
First Drink : FREE
Each band will be allowed 1 guest per member.

We expect that you promote your show. Bring your friends, and let your fans know via all of your possible outlets. Email, FaceBook, Myspace, Twitter, phone call, text etc.

Your performance will be listed in the well-known NYC jazz publications, such as Hot house, New York Jazz Record, etc.

SOMETHIN' Jazz Club will provide you with an excellent jazz performance situation. In order to ensure a successful evening and your repeated performances in the future, We expect a big crowd for your show, Let's pack the house so that nobody loses money. Maximum capacity is 60 people.

1886 Steinway grand piano (tuned every week) Apr. 2014 rebuilt
Gretsch drum full set + Zildjian
JAZZ CHORUS-77 guitar amp
Ampeg Micro-VR bass amp
16 track PA system
Sound mixer : Mackie 1642-VLZ3 16ch
Main speakers : Yorkville YX15
Floor Monitors : Yorkville YX12M
Shure PG58 Microphones 5, Music stands 5

* 8 - 60 paying customers : 70 % payment
* 0 - 7 paying customers : No payment

Cancellation within 4 days, $150 will be charged.

We send confirmation e-mail if you are booked, however, we are sorry if you don't hear from us. Please try again next time.

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